Sir Thomas Allen - Britain's Favourite Baritone

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A small (for the moment) compilation of reviews and what others have said of Sir Tom during his long career. More to come in future.


'Thomas Allen...surely the best British lyric baritone singing in opera since the war...' - John Steane, Gramophone, April 1976

'...the finest operatic baritone to emerge in Britain since Sir Charles Santley died in 1922...' - The Guardian, 1977

'...Allen is equally celebrated as a staunch and unfailing trouper - the sort of person you'd want on your side when there's a war on - and in a disgracefully backbiting profession, you hear no ill of him. If opera today has a hero, he may well be the prime candidate.' - Rupert Christiansen in 'The great seducer falls out of love', The Telegraph, 2 November 1996 

' absolute charmer, and charismatic in performance.' - Dame Felicity Lott in 'The great seducer falls out of love', The Telegraph, 2 November 1996

'There is something so deft and original in his presentation that he inspires those around him. He is always slightly different and fresh every night without being in any sense dangerously capricious and he has an enormous allure for the audience. Whenever he is on the stage the electrical potential goes up by several hundred volts. He is not only a wonderful artist, he is also a very important Englishman.' - Sir Jonathan Miller in 'Cutting it at the opera', The Guardian, 6 December 2003

'And I think of Thomas Allen: the years go by and I the preservation of texture and evenness of line: plus a way, much increased in recent years, of reaching the heart of the song and the listener.' - John Steane in 'A Walk in Singer City', Gramophone, December 2005

'Allen at 60 sings with a beauty of tone and production which would be remarkable in a man half his age...the warmth of feeling and the play of imagination have been enriched in him during the past five or six years, so that I'd be unlikely to find any comparable singer achieving a more satisfying balance between the vocal and expressive aspects of his art.' - John Steane's review of Wigmore Hall Live: Songs by Beethoven, Wolf, Butterworth and Vaughan Williams, Gramophone, December 2005

'Tom is a lively character, lively of thought and creative of ideas. Rehearsing with him, you know you are working with an actor who can encompass the whole spectrum of humanity, who responds to each musical or dramatic stimulus, who takes risks, who investigates, experiments, has fun, but above all is always marvellously human.' - Sir John Tomlinson in his tribute to Sir Thomas Allen, [from the ROH Cosi fan tutte cast sheet, 27 January 2012]